Saturday, November 27, 2010


There's a weather vane on top of our chimney and on windy, cold days, it creaks. I can hear the strange metallic moan through the fireplace, but the sound is good. As always, the reminders of nature's presence/force/uncontrollable-ness are soothing to me, and living on 65 acres let's me tune into this feeling every day. I would say it is a spiritual feeling, in that I feel accompanied by what surrounds me, and it calms my own spirit.

It also reminds me to let go and enjoy what is. No matter what I decide to do about -insert thing that's on my mind-, the wind still blows, the sun still shines, the night will still turn to a new day. I find this hugely obvious observation immensely comforting and grounding.

D finished the store displays last night, and we set things up in anticipation for today's santa parade crowds. Tho most are out and about to enjoy Christmas cheer and not really shop, I think the displays are an excellent addition to the store in general, and have really added some practical retail spice.

Speaking of the store, I'm going to finish up the curry D made this morning for our lunches and get back to work on our online shop.

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Maria said...

store looks great guys!