Saturday, January 15, 2011

time is on my mind, yes it is

It's earlyish Saturday morning. Lune's pestering D awake and I'm starting the coffee, pouring a bath. Threw some wood in to rekindle the fire, which lit up again immediately (I like when that happens). Whisk is outside sifting snow with his big nose, and Mo's watching him through the window, sitting on top of the untuned piano. It's snowing gently but purposefully.

I read the wikipedia page on "time" the other day, and also a study by a man trying to prove the future can leak into the present. I think of time as a dimension experienced by us linearly, but existing like liquid or air. The idea that someone can study for a test after it has been taken to achieve a better result is perhaps a stretch (not sure how I feel about the persistence of events), but still I like the idea of knowing things because they were learned in the future.

Also read that time is perceived faster as you age, which feels true. Mindfulness seems to slow down time, which is comforting - the idea of choosing to pause a moment, and it actually pausing the moment, tho I don't practice this nearly enough.

I mention these things just because lately they're thoughts that seem to be working away in the background as I move through my days.

In other news, Luna's entering her toddler/destruction phase, chewing everything and anything she can with insatiable aggression. I sympathise but it's also super annoying... we're just learning to put everything out of puppy reach, tho she still surprises us.

This weekend I'm hoping to start garden planning, seed starting, etc. I'd like to grow a bunch of extra stuff to sell at the store (herbs likely), and also finish orders for seed displays at the store. Totally enjoyable ways to spend time.

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