Sunday, February 06, 2011

the future is now

Time continues to zoom. It's weird when you realise it, it feels even faster, like a self aware merry-go-round that won't stop... if it does, its not itself. I find it hard to think in the present, obsessing about the future, and in doing so constantly pushing myself there faster. I almost feel anxious to finish a day, to get it over with so I can get up in the morning and get that one over with too. Although it might sound like the fault of unhappiness, it's more an excitement for the future... tho I do wonder if the two are distantly related. Thoughts of what I will have then distract me what I don't have now, but also from all that I do have.

I suspect it's being on the brink of of new things - our new store, wanting to start a family, home improvements. All investments in the future, preparations, beginnings. So looking forward to that good stuff. But my husband is great because he reminds me of all that we've done already, how far we've come with the house and store and everything. It's true, need to appreciate that more.

I think it's just February. I need to garden, and watch the store be busy, and sit on the porch in the sun with a book. Soon.

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