Sunday, February 27, 2011

A list of things

Solar panels, peak oil, a generator, car dependence
Self-sufficiency, homesteading, preserving, building
Sewing, knitting, repurposing, cloth diapering, hand-me-downs, mending
Natural beauty, natural cleaners, vinegar and baking soda
Clay ovens, solar cookers
Green manures, row covers, seed starting
Chicken food, dog food, cat food
Cedar, hardwood, pine firewood and kindling
Fertility, chemical environment, aging
Winter, summer, fall, years, decades
Organic, whole, healthy, raw
Exercise, stretching, coffee, wine
Electricity, money, dependence, independence
Entrepreneurship, creativity, confidence, abilities, planning
Laundry, dishes, dusting

1 comment:

liz said...

hey hey - i love your blog. i don't stop by often enough. funny you mention cloth diapers - i was just wondering today who would ever want our stash of cloth diapers, and i thought of you. so if you're ever in need of any in the future, give me a call!