Monday, February 14, 2011


It's a quiet month. Life is still busy busy but it doesn't require me to leave the farm that often, so it's literally quiet. I've been home a lot this winter, leaving the house only for bare necessities (office appearance in the city, groceries, gas). I feel like flannels, bathrobes, and hoodies have been my main wardrobe. Shuffling to the kitchen to put on the kettle, huddling around the fire, baking things doughy and sweet, going to bed early. So quiet and still. Extra quiet this weekend for me as my valentine's away till tomorrow.

The thing about quiet tho is it eventually gets old. As a musician, a relatively young woman, a traveller... I start to crave a little action. Not a lot, just a little. I think my love (above) would agree with me in saying we need to explore more. Go on road trips, hit cafes, see some art, check out local markets. Hard to fit in, but so good to. We had a real nice time doing that in Iceland in the fall. Low commitment cultural wonderfulness.

Perhaps in the spring. :)

Tonight I'm chillin' with the pets by the fire (how many times have I written a variation of this sentence? ha). D and I will do our nice valentiney day tomorrow. I love him so much and my days aren't as fun when he's away. And holy cow my parents have been married 35 years today! That sounds both long and short to me, but mostly just wonderful.

Speaking of fun, I started the "30 day shred" this month - a workout dvd. A 20 minute butt-kicking every day. It's perfect 'cause 20 min is pretty easy to fit in anywhere, and I need to move desperately. I'm on day 8. My goals are to get stronger, and wake up in the morning not in pain. So far I hurt more, but in a good way.

One more thing: I think Salty the hen started laying today. That means we're up to 3 eggs/day! Who wants quiche?

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