Sunday, January 01, 2012

A new year

Good afternoon 2012! We didn't make it to midnight last night (ha!). I fed little man around 11pm, then we all passed out, hubby too. An appropriate beginning to the new year I guess, with a priority on sleep and snuggles. We did have some good food and wine tho, and reflected happily back on the year - a baby!

A beautiful, awesome baby. 2011 was also a lovely pregnancy - I enjoyed it for the most part, and stayed well and happy. The whole thing flew by fast. As usual, always interesting to read back on last year's NY post.

The store did well, we did a big trip to visit family in the states, and lots of cottage, city, and family visits. D made a lot of music, but alas I did not. Which brings me to...

Resolutions for 2012 (such a futuristic number)... read! read! and read! Sitting with a nursing or sleeping babe for the majority of my waking hours is prime reading opportunity... must take advantage of these quiet, plentiful times. One can only type emails one-handed, read up on "baby milestones", and research never-to-be-made elaborate recipes so much. I also aim to frequent the local libraries more often and "get into" books... as in, even read about what books to read. I miss them. What's reasonable? Maybe an easy to reach goal of a book every 2 weeks? Surely that's doable.

I also want to get into making dinner again. We've been eating lots of rice and cans of Jyoti, bagels and cream cheese, wraps, etc.

Reading and eating. That sounds good. Oh, and exercising...... at least trying to move more often than not. Music, we'll see. Maybe music with D.



amy riv said...

heidi! earlier today i mused on my blog about reading more. first i thought "one book a week" but i am sure to fail at that quickly and give up. i settled on a book everything two weeks as well. what will you start with?

Jenny said...

You should read 1Q84! It's the new Murakami, and so good. Although not as easy to read while breast feeding. It's a 900 page huge hardcover... but so worth the time....