Friday, January 13, 2012

a steady string of minutes

The minutes string together to create beautiful spider webs of days. I'm like a spider collecting whatever droplets happen to fall, first admiring their beauty, first securing the lines. Elegantly moving from one end of the house to the other, holding my baby, stepping over pets, going places but not really, just a few steps but it's my whole world, it's my home.

I live within this space every minute, meaning to go for a walk but instead keeping here, inside. Am I stuck or just staying? Maybe staying stuck, happily. Staying in with my baby in my web of a home. Paths mapped out between email and firewood, between diapers and a view out the window, between food and a quick chance to brush my hair. It's all so easy but so full - the days aren't hard (I know what to do all the time), but they're hardly days (I don't do anything).

I love it, wouldn't leave it. Despite the lack of productivity I feel satisfied. I have a beautiful baby that I can and do spend minutes just staring at, just smiling. He coos and the whole day is worthwhile, my little tangle, the knot at the centre of my universe.

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