Saturday, January 28, 2012

some days

Some days are tired... watery-eyed, weak, edgy. Hard to keep cheer in the voice, hard to muster enthusiasm, hard to be polite and interesting. Try to stay alert long enough to shower, careful not to let the knees buckle like they want to, to wash away at least one layer of exhaustion. Physically irritated - hair irritating, socks irritating, glasses irritating... on top of the sound of his insistent crying. Back especially sore, and wrists. Then at night, two hours of sleep feels like two seconds - 2.30am already? only?

Some days are well rested and fun. Waking only once in the night, and he eats and is changed without opening his eyes. The morning feels like victory and the afternoon is good. Even a fancy breakfast, and some productive day time moments on projects long lingering. Almost want to rouse him from naps to play and cuddle and coo (almost). We sing and dance... and the crying doesn't sound as bad, and stops quickly. Husband happy I'm happy. I'm happy I'm happy. Cozy and thankful... that's mostly how it is.

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