Friday, January 20, 2012

waking arch

He stares out the window at the tree line, not really seeing it but feeling the shadows of trees. The sun is shining behind them, onto the bed. I'm happy to be raising a child in nature because it's a great presence, even unseen. We're surrounded, protected, kept. It's quiet and good.

He's especially happy in the mornings - well rested and cooing, smiling his parents awake, unable to resist the charm of an early grin. Fed and diapered and then one of us will make the coffee, rekindle the fire, let the dogs out... and the other will snuggle.

Not venturing out at all... will change that soon. For now it's fine to keep warm and comfortable and well. Tea, rattles, movies, bouncy chair, good dinners, music, naps, laundry. The cycles of our winter this year, the quiet and the good.

Vid from awhile ago, off the porch:

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cecilia said...

i love that about autumn babies, enjoying the sparkle of snow and sun through the windows while i hibernate with my new one snuggled under covers! enjoy!