Thursday, February 09, 2012


The song "3am" by pal Jim Guthrie is in my head a lot these days, especially at... 3am. Arch is waking up roughly every 3hrs at night still, which is fine... but looking forward to a longer stretch of sleep in the coming months (fingers crossed). He's usually pretty good to eat and go back to sleep but last night at 1am he was lying in his cradle laughing and laughing - tiring and adorable.

It's been sunny winter days these days. Sunshine is the best. All I think about now when I stare out the window is gardening - I'll have so much time to garden this spring and summer, being on maternity leave, and I just want to grow so much food for us. We also have a freezer now and A will be eating food food so... lots of motivation behind me. D and I also always talk about wanting to eat more raw food... while we sip on coffee and boil eggs.

We sell organic seeds at our store so I'll have lots to choose from for my own garden. I've already started some flowers and herbs, and will continue to start seeds from now until spring. SPRING! Gotta go.

p.s. Got my bro to shoot our chickens... gulp. They were old, not laying too much, and requiring too much effort right now. Thinking we'll get a bunch of chicks in the spring tho.

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