Thursday, November 25, 2010

hot apple cider

I've eaten so many clementines this week my tongue is feeling sharp, but I don't care... eating another as I type this! So good. And now, I'm following a simple, fragrant recipe for hot apple cider. It's a lovely time 'o year.

Tho it froze rain/hailed most of today. Luckily I'm getting my winter snow tires on on Saturday... this week's weather has kept me from driving into the city. Saturday is also Fenelon's big nighttime Santa parade, apparently attracting thousands to our small town. Hopefully it brings a little life to the store this weekend. D's building some window display shelving tomorrow and we'll set up a little Christmas'y display.

Luna's learning things from Mo:

We just did our first load of laundry in the new appliances. A marriage-y moment. I never thought I'd say this, but our front-loading washing machine is sweeeet yo.

Sitting by the fire... even tho it's a daily thing now it still feels worth mentioning, cos it's so nice. Lune's back sleeping at the top of the chair, I think she's officially laid claim to this spot, even tho she's getting big and the pillow sinks and she falls a little behind it. She's so cute.

Dang that cider smells amazing.

Oh one more thing - I've started meditating again. 10min each morning, that's it. Isn't it a Buddhist saying that every journey begins with a single step?


Mandy said...

those photos make your house look so warm and cozy! i can almost feel the fire and smell the cider!

amy said...

LUNA! she really is bigger! we were reminding ivy of her visit the other day (really, i was just reminding graham of the cute swirly cowlicks on luna's little bum and ivy was eavesdropping) and i could swear ivy misses the little one.

hyd said...

hi you two! thanks for da comments.

yeah amy, lune's cowlicks are in full effect! they're on her elbows and belly button too. so cute. she says hi to ivy and hopes she can bug her with incessant puppy bites soon.